Mini elearning Symposium Unitec Institute of Technology

I am back from the Hawkes Bay and now attending the Mini eLearning Symposium, here a Unitec.

There have been lots of interesting presentations making the most of new technologies in tertiary education. We have seen students creating their own sound files and videos to share. We have also heard about using free online tools such as blogs and Google sketchup. Kay Fielden presented on her online examinations using Moodle, which had not only reduced lots of paper, but also was marked online. It sounds wonderful!

I do believe that design skills are crucial to any activity. I wonder if we sufficiently support our students to design and produce an online resource. I also wonder how we integrate the use of new technologies into the curriculum and into assessment to drive learning.

There is a great deal of energy teachers are giving to making teaching and learning more active and collaborative. I just wonder if this is aligned with assessment, the course learning outcomes, and the graduate profile.

Your thoughts?

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One Response to Mini elearning Symposium Unitec Institute of Technology

  1. Becca says:

    I am also concerned that we are asking and expecting too much of our already-overburdened teaching staff when we ask them to produce high-quality, professional designs for their courses. Seems we could use professional course designers to work with lecturers and relieve them of this burden. Course designers could also help ensure that curriculum and assessment are properly thought out.

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