Reflections on workshops

This week is was my turn to offer the workshop on Assessment and the Living Curriculum. I prepared a lesson plan that was to be practice focused and interactive,, however, bringing it to life proved more of a challenge.

The first group of five were very mixed, and taught on a range of programmes at a range of levels.  They had a number of issues they needed to address before they could begin to consider assessment. I found they were struggling with the concepts of integrated design.  They find comfort in the older style learning outocomes that are focused on either knowledge or skills, but rarely encompassing a range of knowledge, skills, capabilities and attributes. 

We canvased a range of resources, and tools which are available through the Teaching and Learning Community and we talked at length about hidden curriculum and about assessing students in areas that are not explicit in the curriculum.

Although everyone appreciated the session, I did not feel it came together, and so a I made some adjustments for the Friday session.

Friday was great, from both teacher and student perspective. All the key concepts were dealt with quickly and the teachers were soon working away on their new plans, asking lots of questions, sharing ideas, and enjoying learning from each other.

At the end of the session my peer reviewer offered some feedback. “Perfect.”, she said, “Do not change anything. You are the Master. ”  High praise indeed from someone I hugely respect.


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