Engaging Maori, Pasifika and Youth Learners Workshop


Last week Ed, Betsy and I attended the two day workshop, offered by Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi. The workshop is designed specifically for those of us who teach Maori, Young and Pacific learners.


The aim of the workshop was to upskill teachers with specific learning outcomes:

Knowledge: Understand the concepts of Fonofale, Te whare tapa wha, language, literacy and numeracy concepts and principles.

Skills: Engage students in learning by using a variety of active learning techniques in the classroom.

Values: Commit to Maori, Youth and Pacific learners learning and success.

People: Meet and worth with teachers from a range of other disciplines, organisations and backgrounds. Reflect on our own biases and background and consider how this affects our teaching.
Learn: Access, and use a variety of resources available to support student learning and engagement.
Integration: Further develop ourselves as teaching professionals, and include this learning and experience in our teaching portfolio.

We had a great deal of fun, and met some inspiring teachers, and brought back a pile of resources. The workshop was so worthwhile we would like to bring it to Unitec staff in the second semester.


Focus on Strengths for Challenging

YouthEngaging youth in literacy development

Engaging Maori learners

Mentoring for Maori learners

Maori learners and elearning

Maori and Pacific Learner Engagement

Engaging Pasifika learners

Pasifika Learning and eLearning

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