Reflections on Bag Lunch presentation

What happended?  This week I presented my research into teachers and online practice portfolios to the teachers of Te Puna Ako, Center of Teaching and Learning at Unitec. The presentation, includes a short (five minute) webin, where I explain the purposes for practice portfolios, and use my own portfolio to demonstrate how practice portfolios can be created. I then presented some research questions, which I am working with as part of my research project.  The questions are:

What do you want to know?

Why do we want to know?

What do we already know?

How should we investigate this?

How should we report it?

Who would benefit from our findings?

What contribution would it make to the academic community?

There was some not discussion about the research topic, and a couple of people made comments. No one was particulary enthusiastic.

How do I feel?  I am so annoyed and frustrated at the lack of interest in practice portfolios. While I appreciate there are challenges in the digital literacies I find it difficult that the technology is used as an excuse to neglect personal responsibility for professional development.

What’s missing?  Just that a commitment to self-renewal and acceptance of responsibility for personal development and growth. I could honestly drown most of the people in this centre. When we lost the name CTLI Centre for Teaching Learning and Innovation we lost our commitment to exploration, experiement and personal development.

What to do now?  Not give up. Seize the opportunity for self renewal, challenge, excitment and experience. Create the best portfolio possible, foster online communities for teachers, research with energy and enthusiasm. Do not reward the negative, the behavior may receive a neutral response but it will never be rewarded. Those that do undertake to assume responsibility for their own self renewal should be supported and rewarded.


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