Following on from “Early Success for Teachers”


Over the last few months I have given much thought to what makes early career success in any given vocation or profession. As I am currently working with a variety of higher education teachers in different disciplines, I am aware that there are some specific skills and knowledge needed in each area of study, and that many of the same skills are required across all disciplines. My recent post was an attempt to explore what teachers need for early career success.

I have found that the very same skills we require of our students are the ones our teachers need. Beverly Oliver has identifed the following as the key skills for early career success.  From my recent work, I could not agree more.

Apply discipline knowledge: Understand theoretical concepts and ways of thinking.

Thinking skills: Apply logical and rational processes to analyse the components of an issue; think creatively to generate innovative solutions.

Information skills: Decide what information is needed and where it might be found using appropriate technologies; make valid judgements and synthesis information from a range of sources.

Communication skills: Communicate in way appropriate to the discipline, the audience and the person.

Technology skills: Use appropriate technologies with awareness of their advantages and limitations.

Learning how to learn: Use a range of learning strategies and understand how and when people learn.

International perspectives: Think globally and apply international standards and practices.

Cultural Understanding: Respect individual human rights, celebrate cultural diversity and embrace te tiriti O Waitangi.  

Professional skills: Work independently, and contribute to the team with leadership, professional behaviour and ethical practices.

From my observations teachers who do well invariably have most if not all of these skills.  I am reflecting on two highly skilled teachers, one of whom has been acknowledged as an excellent teacher, and the other as an excellent researcher.  Both of these women exemplify these 9 skills. 

In setting a foundation for new teachers, I am buoyed by the clarity these 9 skills provide.  I can approach teacher development with confidence. I am gathering some fantastic response to my work.

As a result of my recent efforst with a new teacher, it was great to receive this feedback.

Thanks Diana – I’ve really enjoyed the two lessons I’ve had with you and Ed so far, they’ve been excellent training  – I honestly don’t think I could have got off first base effectively without it !

See you on Thursday, cheers xxxxxx


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