The Territory of Higher Education Research

Tight (2003) International Handbook of Higher Education

Teaching and learning
Course design
The student experience
System policy
Institutional management
Academic work

A divided field, even the journals are divided between teaching and learning and policy (both economic and political).

There are researchers that write exclusively about policy. And some who write exclusively about teaching and learning.

Back in 1989, we were writing a great deal about mixed topics. There was not many articles on academic development. Now we are now focused on teaching and learning. Big shift to researching and writing about teaching and learning. The type of people writing is changing, more women, different cultures, backgrounds.

Now there is a broader range of topics, and the teaching and learning discipline is becoming fractionalised. Teaching and learning research does not integrate with policy.

Who will build the bridge between the two? Who will have the skills and language to be able to navigate both shores? Need to look out rather than looking in. To be international then local policy is not great material for international research.

Academic quality relies on data and information from teaching and learning.
North American research tends to be highly policy driven. PBRF citations are important, so researchers need to write in areas where there are other researchers.

There is a need to understand the history of academic development. No one is really recording the development of higher education qualifications and their development overtime.

Where does citizenship sit in academic life. Who are the citizens, what do they do? What governance, policy and economic restraints affect the citizens?

The subject is closely related to the career path. No one is likely to study it, without being part of it. Education researchers are needed to inform policy in higher education.

UK there is a problem with Academic Development, and there are many areas where the teaching and learning units are being closed down. This is true in Australia.

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