Facing your fears

Facing Your Fears

Thomas Delong’s To-Do List for High Achievers

Self Reflection
Mentally review what it is about your job that makes you feel uncomfortable and admit to yourself that you feel safest doing what you’ve learned to be good at. Accept that you feel vulnerable doing something you’re not good at yet.

Set A Goal Change
Create a vision of what you yearn to achieve, one that is worth making sacrifices to accomplish. Actions seem less daunting if you focus on the long-term future result rather than difficult present actions or decisions.

Acknowledge the Need to Act
Overcome your fear of vulnerability by focusing on your need to achieve. Make change a goal that you must achieve, and that you will not allow self-doubt to keep you from reaching.

Accept weakness
Think of uncertainty and potential slip-ups as necessary prices you must pay to learn and grow.

Create an Agenda
Compile a detailed agenda in the form of short-term, medium and long-range career and development goals. Making a detailed list may feel mechanical, but it is something you can put on your mirror or keep in your car to refer to is a way to keep yourself on track.

Find a Support Network
Share your goals with a close friend or work colleague who can keep checking on whether you are progressing and will help you get through rough patches. Ideally this person will be someone who shares a high need for achievement.

Don’t Hesitate
Act – don’t circle back to second guess yourself. Even if it’s not the perfect solution, having made a decisive plan is better than indecision.

Look in the Long-Range Mirror
Picture yourself not changing, and doing the same thing you’re currently doing five or 10 years from now. As a driven professional, the last thing you want for your future is to remain as – and where – you are now.

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