Engaging students in the living curriculum – Nick Zepke

Inquire, inspire, reflect, engagement.

Appreciate students strengths – Individual and general.

Task and activities that build on strengths – challenge and interests.

Assessments build on strengths -authentice tasks and flexibility.

Competence = tasks that build on strengths, challenge the imagination.

Autonomy – Encourage self direction, tasks that encourage initiative.

Relationships – Interactive tasks. Ako.

Learning is active and collaborative and fosters learning relationships.

Extend academic and work abilities

Set and repeat expectations, time on taks, workload and planning, support – problems and extension


Welcome studnets from diverse backgrounds,

Understanding difference Inclusive teaching

Building self belief Building on strengths.

Everyone has strengths Use them


Help students develop their social and cultural capital.

Acknowledge strengths, give voice, and set standards.


Use support services

Be familiar with what is offered

Include support service for students you teach in your planning.


Adapt to changing student expectations and circumstances.

Employment, Family and community, expectations


Encourage active citizenship

Make legimate claims about knowledge in a workpld ov uncertainty and geotiate challenges to such claims.


Act constructively in the world by identifiying ethich and political isses affecting their subject.


Become awre of themselves and thei potential to effect change in a world that is open, fluie and contested.


See our blog post http://tlcommunityunitec.ning.com/profiles/blogs/focus-on-the-learner-student




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