And the problem is….

Apparently, the problem is poor teaching. While there are many good teachers on campus, and plenty of good practice, there are still pockets that are under performing.

Let’s examine the problem using the six dimensional model.

Knowledge: What is good teaching? What is poor teaching? Who is doing what? How do we know?

Skills: What do good teachers do?

Values: Why is good teaching important? What does it impact on? Who does it impact on? How does is relate to either our institutional value or risk?

People: Who are the good teachers? Who are the bad? How do we create value for good teachers, and manage the risks of bad teachers?

Resources: What people, time, and plans do we need to turn the problem around?

Integration: How can we develop an overall strategic plan to improve the quality of teaching at Unitec. How can we create value and how can we manage the risks?

The strategic plan

Know: Good teachers meet the requirements of the tertiary teaching excellence awards but they do not necessarily have the leadership qualities. We know that teachers meet their requirements because they have a portfolio of their teaching which demonstrate, design, assessment, facilitiation, evaluation and contribution.

Do: Clearly communicate to teachers our expectations of their performance. Be able to measure their performance. Have processes in place to manage non performance, through support and training.

Be: Value good teaching as an asset to our institution, and something that makes us attractive to prospective students. Model good teaching, and reward it. Be good teachers.

People: Identify the good teachers by their portfolios. Reward excellent teaching portfolios.

Resources: Integrate portfolios, and expectations of teacher performance in everything we do.

Integration: The portfolio plan for performance management.










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