Final thoughts on 2012

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As we head towards the end of the year, it is a good time to take stock of our achievements, and plans. I always go back and reconsider my year’s goals, and look carefully at what I have learnt, what I did, what values I encountered, who I worked with, and what I created of value. I also ask myself, what was missing from the year? What did I not learn? What did I not do that I would have liked to have done? What values were missing from my engagements with others? Who didn’t I interact with? What things were missing?


These questions help me to determine my goals for the new year, and to set my own performance criteria. So if I decide I would like to see more collaboration in my team, I think about what I would be doing if that collaboration was in place. My performance criteria would be something like this. I know I have met my goal, when all members of the team are participating effectively in a large complex project. I can assess that goal at the end of the year, by thinking back to a time when the team were all working together on a large project or activity. Then I can say, quite objectively, I achieved my goal, and I am not deluding myself that I am successful when I am not. The performance criteria helps me to work out my tactics for achieving my goals. In this example, I will need to ensure we have a collaborative task or projects, the tools for working together, a clear explanation of how we work, and opportunity to practice and improve our skills. This allows me to work slowly towards the goal rather than expecting instant results. The goal is much more likely to be achieved and sustained with a gradual approach.


There is real value in having four or five goals for each year. They allow you to focus your energy, and make it easy for you to discard activities and engagements that do not provide you or your projects with value. It is all too easy to get caught up in other people’s plans and to neglect your own learning and development.


So take some time to think about what you will be doing in 2012 for professional development.

What ideas or information do you want to do your job better?

What new skills do you need?

What values do you want to demonstrate in your work?

Who do you need to work with to do you job better?

What resources do you need to do you job better?



Once you have set your goals, think about creating your own performance criteria to measure your performance. Make those criteria observable and objective, rather than subjective.


If you would like some professional guidance on setting your mission and goals, then I highly recommend you take some time over the holiday period to try this resource. Build your own Mission Statement with Franklin Covey’s Mission Statement Builder at: Here you will be walked gently through the process of establishing a mission statement personal to you. If find the process of value there are additional models for families and teams.


Finally, have a good rest, enjoy your environment, be safe and we look forward to working with you and providing you with your virtual professional development in 2012.

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  1. Edward Flagg says:

    Thank you for cross-posting this to the TLCommunity.  have a GREAT holiday!

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