Some thoughts on using Pebblepad





Hello Monday morning group,

I thought you might be interested in hearing about our Pebblepad trial here at Unitec. Currently, we have five Unitec teachers trialling the product to see if it would work here in New Zealand. Pebblepad was designed in the UK, as an online eportfolio system, and has developed and grown until it is now something quite different, a personal learning space and a student learning management system. Pebblepad is widely used in Australia.

From a learner point of view it enables students to curate their learning. It gives students online space (in a cloud) to organise all their learning over a long period of time. It encourages students to map their learning path by blog, and to demonstrate their achievements in a Webfolio (Online).  Students can share as much or as little as they like. 

From the teacher point of view, you can run your whole course using Pebblepad ATLAS. It is a very direct way of focusing on student learning, enagement and performance. I have been playing with it and think it has fantastic potential.  I like how the tools encourage teachers to develop their courses from a student learning and performance perspective primarily. Resources that support the learning can be made available, but the focus is on not what the teacher does but what the student does.

A Pebblepad licence is for the whole institution, although individuals can purchase their own access for a small fee. I will be keeping mine once the trial is over, so that is a good recommendation. 

If you are interested in a Pebblepad demonstration, please feel free to ask, I am happy to show you around. 

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